What will the renovation of Azteca Stadium look like?

Remodeling plans also include removing the two giant screens located above the two titles.

Equipment and celebrations for the two-time championship America It was the last event of Aztec Stadium Before its redesign. According to the information collected by ESPN Digital, The property which is the headquarters of World Cup 2026 The work will finally start within a month, while the box holders have not received a formal notification of what changes there will be at the site.

“With the people at FIFA, we're still looking at what, if anything, we have. We're trying to better serve not just the paleo environment, but the whole hobby. We're looking at how we can achieve a better arrangement for everyone,” he commented. Emilio AscaragaOwner AmericaIn an interview ESPN Radio Formula.

Remodeling plans include building an access tunnel through the center of the field on the side where the benches are currently located, and new locker rooms under the boxes in that area. To widen the spaces between the rows, the padding of the arena is transferred to the fold. The press box will be relocated and expanded in one corner of the building. New screens and roof will be renovated. There was a delay due to the lack of permission from the authorities.

Remodeling plans also include removing the two giant screens located above the two titles. These are replaced by others in different parts of the property. To make more space in the stands, special boxes called the “Coca-Cola Lounge” in the lower part of the building will also be removed and replaced with general seating.

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The press box located in the upper middle part of the building is another section that needs to be replaced. Plans include locating a media area in one of the upper corners of the Colosso de Santa Ursula. Roof of Azteca Stadium This is one of the aspects that make change a priority. The property has had the same roof for years and leaks have become increasingly apparent.

According to sources consulted, construction firm ICA has tied up and Populous has also approached its office in New York, USA to carry out the remodeling.

“There will be no more redevelopment or major development. It will be a small redevelopment Aztec StadiumBut still Aztec Stadium It ensures that we have a world-class stadium that meets international standards. As far as I know, it will be remodeled inside, the seats and boxes will be changed, we are going to build new dressing rooms, we are going to build an international level stadium. “It will be all inside and nothing outside,” he opined. Giovanni GutierrezMayor with license from Coyoacán delegation.

As for the box holders, they are waiting until the weekend to contact authorities again Aztec Stadium and reach a formal agreement to use their assets during the 2026 World Cup.

Interface Aztec Stadium It will have minimal changes like lighting and redesign of some columns which will help in better presentation. If there are no problems, the property will be reopened until late 2025 or early 2026, just in time for the start of the World Cup.

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