What we do not have: Earth’s oxygen may run out before water shortages occur

A recent study has revealed that in a few years The amount of oxygen on Earth will be so low that our planet will no longer be habitable For mammals, any superior life can only create anaerobic and microbial life.

This Study It was Resulted To Kasumi Osaki from the University of Doho, Along with Punapashi in Japan Chris Reinhardt of the Georgia Institute of Technology, In Atlanta, the United States determined that our planet would reach a low antioxidant level that only Archaea can live on.

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According to scientists, this phenomenon occurs before the climate becomes “humid” as a result of the greenhouse, and before the planet loses most of the water it contains. The earth will leave oxygen before the water leaves.

But, when will this happen? According to the predictions of the youth, the level of oxidation of the earth will fall so much that they will prevent the possibility of life, which In a billion more years, But time may vary depending on human behavior and attention to the environment.

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Why does oxygen run out?

According to an experiment conducted by scientists, The sun Age and so on Keep warm and warm To where Plants cannot surviveWithout them, oxygen production would stop working and then life on earth would become unsustainable.

What we don’t have: Water scarcity Photo: Earth’s oxygen may run out before it hits PEXELS

To achieve these results, men who were part of a program NASA Ann Ability to live on planets, Used a model of climate, biological and geographical systems that allowed them to develop a plan for how climate conditions would change on our planet.

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It was determined by this study Oxygen balance, Which creates a habitable planet, Changeable and not always staticSo, even if some planets come to present suitable conditions for life or present them in the future, it does not mean that it is a permanent state.

This at some point arises amid speculation of a planet Mars can provide water, Which may create optimal conditions for sustaining life, however, there is no conclusive evidence that the organisms existed at one point until now. Planet Red.

What we don’t have: Water scarcity Photo: Earth’s oxygen may run out before it hits PEXELS

But, with this new study, the possibility of being able to host life on the planet has reopened to the fact that there were better conditions at a point where Mars no longer exists, to confirm or disprove the theory that we now have to wait to see how scientific studies progress.

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