What useful features and services can you use on the new Samsung Galaxy S21; Explaining videos here

Samsung The Galaxy S21 series of phones will be launched on January 14th, and the phones will start coming to stores on January 29th, but will be delivered Bookings. We received some useful items not only for those who bought phones in the last hundred meters, but also for those who are interested in buying. You can find them below.

This is a series of explanatory videos, Which shows how the latest services and functions work on mobile phones. Smart home interactions included, new WiFi 6E connection enabled Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, But personal sharing and continuity in group video calls. The full list is here:

Smart things:

WiFi 6E:

Private stock:

Galaxy Ecosystem:

Continuation of group video calls:

SmartThings on Android Auto:

Background Virtual:

Large chat screen:

In short, WiFi 6E brings WiFi 6 speeds from 1.2 Gbps to 2.4 Gbps It would be better to be late. It operates in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, but also in the 6 GHz band. Private sharing allows you to share your personal data securely and without hassle. You can select the file you want to send, and then assign the person you want to send.

Blockchain based encryption technology is used. With new phones Smarttings It integrates with Android Auto, so you can control smart home appliances directly from your car. Further Galaxy S21 Ultra Will become the digital key for the car.

On this occasion I also discovered about a condition I did not know, Virtual background, You can set a professional background rather than a bedroom with hangers for video calls during this work from home.

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