What to do if Chrome crashes without closing properly

Why do I get the error “Chrome is not closed properly”

We can say that this problem is relatively common. This is something that happened to all of us at some point in time. We open the program and it tells us that it is not closed properly. Web pages open or crash Restore eyelids We had been open before. We will see why this can happen for different reasons.

When we close Google Chrome, the normal thing is, when we open it and exit it, it shows us everything. This is the most effective function they implemented a few years ago. This way we do not have to re-open all the tabs one by one and can continue the work. But sometimes this is not possible because of this error we comment on.

If this has happened to us and we want to solve it in the short term, Prevent pages from getting lost We have opened and will provide the reset tabs in the new window. It will be simple and effective at the same time. Of course, sometimes they may not be properly reset to prevent it from happening again.

Browser load

One of the reasons why Google Chrome does not shut down properly Large load. This can happen if we have multiple extensions installed, for example. Every add-on we add consumes resources. After all, it’s like opening a lot of programs on our computer or mobile at the same time.

This overload can cause browser crashes. Closing it will not do it properly, this type of error will appear. This is one of the most important factors to consider.

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Is there any malware?

Of course the equipment we use has some sort of Malicious software Or even the browser. In the latter case, it is usually due to adware, common search bars that appear without us knowing why, as well as some extension we have installed and it is dangerous.

But it can also affect the team. Any malware that slows down the computer and affects the consumption of resources can cause Chrome to shut down properly.

Too many tabs open

Another reason linked to excessive consumption of resources Many open pages. This may cause the browser to not be able to handle all the information, and if it is closed, errors may occur without doing it properly.

This is the reason behind many common problems that we have in browsers. Users always open more tabs and accumulate without closing many pages.

How to avoid this problem in Chrome

We have seen what are the main causes of the error message indicating that Chrome is not closing properly. Basically, it is usually caused by excessive resource consumption, extension conflicts or malware. We are going to provide some tips to prevent this from happening, especially for users who continue to enjoy this.

Disable background apps feature

The first step we can take is to disable the’s feature Background applications. This is a functionality that has been integrated with Google Chrome for some years. However, it can have problems, which is why it does not close properly.

To do this we need to go to the menu at the top right (three points we can see), we go to Settings, scroll down to click Advanced Options, and select the apps that will continue to run in the background when Google closes.

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Check that the browser is up to date

Browser Updated? This is very important for it to work well. Always make sure we have the latest version installed. Otherwise it will not affect the performance, but will also help to get rid of hackers.

Updating Chrome is very easy. We need to go back to the menu and enter help and click on Google Chrome Info. If there is no problem, it will automatically check for updates and show the version we installed.

Update Google Chrome

Review installed extensions

We may have installed some Extension Recently. This can lead to browser performance issues. This can lead to sluggish links, page opening failures and errors such as Chrome not closing properly.

In particular we should look at the recently installed extensions, but also take a look at all of them. We do not recommend having multiple add-ons installed as they can cause problems. It is convenient to have only what we are really going to use.

Beware of malware

One reason for this problem is that we have previously seen malware on our computer. Malicious software can greatly affect us and endanger the proper functioning of the system and any program we use.

We can use one Good antivirus To find out if there is a malicious file or an extension we have installed, it is a scam. This way we will make sure that everything works better and that it does not cause any error.

Reset Chrome

If we find that this problem persists and is not resolved after we recommend it, then one thing we can take into account is restoring Google Chrome’s default values. Sometimes they can be created Software level issues Thus creating conflict.

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To restore Chrome we need to go to the menu, go to settings, go to advanced options, below, we will see the option to restore default values. We will keep the browser the same as it was when we installed it.

Therefore, if an error appears indicating that Chrome is not closed properly, we can take these suggestions into account. This way we will work well and not lose information with open pages.

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