What sports are there in Olympia and Motagua? Who is it more complicated?


Olympia It comes from defeating, humiliating and beating Motagua On the 16th day, he became the new leader with a score of 0 to 4 Will open in 202223.

The Lions are going through an amazing moment, in four days they were crowned two-time champions of the CONCACAF League and took the leadership of Apertura after defeating Motagua in the Honduran Football Classic.

With two dates to spare, both capital teams will be fighting for the lead. We must remember that all the matches are held simultaneously on the 18th day of the tournament.

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What sports does Olympia have?

Olympia ends up against two teams already relegated, but fighting to avoid relegation. 17th is the match day Olympia He will visit on Saturday, November 12 Honduran progress In Humberto Micheletti Stadium 7:15 pm The Arrows are 3 points ahead of Togo after a 2-2 draw against Real Sociedad.

On the last date, the champions Concacaf League They close as locals before Real communityA team that reaches the tournament is relegated but wants to take points due to relegation issue.

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