What should i study at stanford about artificial intelligence to improve my salary

Stanford University offers free and paid online courses. (Illustrative image)

Stanford University offers a variety of educational options focused on artificial intelligence, which is ideal for improving job prospects because it awards certificates that can be added to your resume.

To access these online courses, Simply go to the page https://online.stanford.edu/ and search for the course that interests you. Some are free and some are paid.

1. Computer Science 101

This course provides basic computer knowledge. (Stanford)

To begin exploring the field of programming and artificial intelligence, it is necessary to have a solid foundation in theoretical and practical computer science.

Stanford University offers a course designed for people with no prior experience that covers basic computer science concepts. Students can complete it at their own pace, facilitating self-directed learning and a deep understanding of the topics covered.

In CS101, Students interact and explore small pieces of “computer code” To understand both the capabilities and limitations of computers. All learning takes place in the browser, eliminating the need to download or install additional software.

Some of the topics covered are:

– How computers work: chips, CPU, memory, disk.

– Essential terms: bits, bytes, megabytes, gigabytes.

– How the program works: what is the program, what is the “implementation”.

– How to make digital photos.

– Computer code: loops and logic.

This course provides basic information about artificial intelligence for free. (Stanford)

2. Specialization in machine learning

After completing the basic terminology and practices course, participants are ready to begin the Machine Learning Specialization course at the Stanford University School of Engineering. This beginner-friendly program introduces the basics of machine learning and how to use these techniques to create artificial intelligence applications.

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This course is available on the Coursera platform. The course materials can be viewed for free or with the option to obtain a certificate at the regular cost of $49 per month.

Stanford courses offered through Coursera are subject to Coursera's own pricing structures. Some courses require payment, others can be audited for free, and others include a free 7-day trial, after which you can pay to get a verified certificate.

3. Relational databases and SQL

Managing large databases is crucial to any AI model. (Illustrative image)

Among professional vacancies related to artificial intelligence, people who specialize in database administration are in high demand.

next to, The relational databases and SQL course at Stanford are related to artificial intelligence in several waysSince efficient management of large amounts of data is essential for the development and implementation of artificial intelligence systems.

This course provides an introduction to relational databases and comprehensive coverage of SQL, the long-accepted standard query language for relational database systems.

Paid courses require people to have prior knowledge. (Image information).

Stanford University offers a series of paid virtual programs, ideal for those looking for more personalized and specialized training.

4. Artificial intelligence: principles and techniques

In this class, Students will gain a broad understanding of the modern AI landscape. In addition, they will learn how machines can engage in problem solving, reasoning, learning, interacting, and applying their knowledge as they design, test, and implement new algorithms.

This course requires the student to have basic knowledge such as:

Mastery of Python Coding tasks will be performed in this programming language. Some tasks will require familiarity with basic Linux command line workflow.

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– Knows derivatives (multivariate) and understands notation and matrix/vector operations.

Stanford University offers a professional program in artificial intelligence. (Stanford)

– Knowledge of basic probability distributions (continuous, Gaussian, Bernoulli, etc.) and Be able to define concepts for continuous and discrete random variablesExpectation, independence, probability distribution functions, and cumulative distribution functions.

5. Professional artificial intelligence software

Stanford University offers a professional AI program that, as the name suggests, grants a professional certificate.

This online program provides thorough coverage of the most important topics in modern artificial intelligence, including:

– Deep learning.

– Natural language processing and understanding.

– Reinforcement learning.

– Drawing neural networks (GNN).

Individuals interested in starting this program must complete an application, which will be evaluated by Stanford University.

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