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The majestic singer Celine Dion is not past her prime after being diagnosed with a strange illness Neurological disease call”Difficult Person Syndrome” that prevented her from moving her entire body freely and left her in a wheelchair.

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However, her condition has not stopped the “Titanic” singer from continuing her impeccable music career, she announced through her. Social websites That he will release four new songs and a movie about himself.

What is Celine Dion Disease?

Famous Canadian Singer, Celine Dion was diagnosed with “Stiff Person Syndrome”.This disease affects the central nervous system and causes muscle spasms throughout the body, giving a feeling of stiffness.

This was due to the disease Celine Dion Her muscle problems have limited the singer, delaying her 2022 and 2023 tour in Europe. In the singer’s words, her rare disease “affects one in a million.”

“Seizures affect all aspects of my life, sometimes they make it difficult for me to walk and don’t allow me to use my vocal cords like I used to,” explains the Canadian singer, who also hopes to recover. Soon “recovery should be on the road,” he added.

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