What does your team need to qualify for Liquila on match day 16?

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Only two dates are to be played in the regular phase Match Day 16 Guard 1 2021 Presented by Liga MX The first two qualifiers for Liquila have already been confirmed, except that one has been removed and they are able to distribute a scenario that will be clarified this weekend. Direct ticket to the big partyIn addition, at least two clubs will make sure to say goodbye to the title fight.

Eligibility for Liquila

  • 1.- Cruz Azul (37 points): Qualification
  • 2.- USA (36): Qualification

Liguila to qualify

  • 3.- Bubla (26): If they hit the Poomas, they will confirm their pass to Liquila. If he does not, it depends on whether Santos and Monterrey did not win the last match.
  • 4.- Montessori (25): In addition to practice Classic ReggioHe will need Santos to die so he will only look for a tie on the last date.
  • 5.- Santos Laguna (25): You have to win and wait for the strip and the riotos not to add three to snatch their place in the direct pass.
  • 6.- Lion (23): Wait until Monterrey and Santos win, position themselves in fourth place and repeat the measure on the last date.
  • 7.- Atlas (22): Monterrey, Santos and Lyon should not win to continue the fight for the direct pass because their maximum is 28 units.

They are looking for a remake of Liga MX

  • 8.- Toluca (19): If Poomas and Pachuka don’t win, the Red Devils must beat the United States, thus securing their pass.
  • 9.- Sivas (19): Like the Scarlets, they have to win Classic Tabato Wait until the University Club and Tucson add three.
  • 10.- Tigers (19): You have to beat the classic Reggio, wait until UNAM and Hidalgo win.
  • 11.- Curatoro (18): If won, Poomas and Pachuka do not win, the Colos Blancos pass will be confirmed.
  • 12.- Mazatlon (18): You need to add three, and lose Poomas and Pachuka.
  • 13.- Poomas (17): They have to win, have to wait for Toluca, Chivas, Tigress, Guerrero or Mazatlin’s inattention, have a chance to advance with their hands on the last date.
  • 14.- பச்சுகா (17): Wait to defeat those between the eighth and thirteenth place so that you can win on the last date and not depend on anything.
  • 15.- Solos de Tijuana (16): You have to beat Masatalan, see that Poomas and Pachuka have not succeeded in their duties and can reach the last date without relying on anyone else.
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Liga M.X.

  • 16.- Atletico de San Luis (12): This is purely practical, and when the 12th place crosses 18 points, the farewell of the Potosinos will be confirmed.
  • 17.- FC Juarez (12): Like Potosinos, Braves is the only one who believes he will cross the 12-point barrier to officially say goodbye.
  • 18.- Nexa (11): Removed

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