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The message appears WhatsApp Messenger There is no end to them, as we remember, the beta program of the aforementioned instant communication application was updated daily, and this is how the tools that will reach the stable version in the next few weeks will appear. At this time, some netizens reported that the following notification appeared: “There is an invisibility status update from (Contact Name)”, why does the notification in question appear? I will explain the details of the message and possible speculations below, as this is a feature in development stage. To take note.

Meaning of “You have invisible status update” notification on WhatsApp

  • According to the published information WabetaInfoA notification appears when you're mentioned in a status, so you can quickly see the contact history.
  • The other scenario is that the notification comes by contacting you Favorite contacts.
  • Finally, you will only get this status notification With people you interact with frequently.
  • With any of the three options, I think this is the most useful feature Notifies you of status updates from people you care about.
  • Don't forget that the tool is still under development.
  • I will update the information I provided you with if there are more details about this strange announcement.
Preview of “You have an invisible status update” notification. (Photo: WabetaInfo)

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