What are the defenders of the revolution defending?

Writing CubitaNOW ~ Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Cuban intellectual Gustavo Argos Fernández-Prieto has published a profound comment on social networks, where he talks about the social, economic and moral breakdowns that Cuba suffers from.

“Each and every citizen puts all their energy where they are supposed to serve and their daily efforts do not matter. No improvement, no benefit. Areas such as health, education, aid and social care, sometimes exemplified, are rarely sustained by the sacrifices of those who work there. Reflects Cuban.

Describing the situation, Fernández-Prito said, “Wages are useless, there is no control over prices, there is no money in the banks, there is no production, there is no medicine, there is no food, there is no housing, there is no transport. Nothing is stable. Or decent. “No Hay” is a sad symbol of our identity as a nation. But the official discourse speaks of principles, values ​​and freedom.

Professor Nadu on the island laments the fragile situation in which he finds himself.

“I don’t think Cuba is more dependent than it is now. Its debt is so great that it is a victim of its own weakness, always waiting for some donation, loan, or occasional crumb of geopolitical interest. After years of insulting or rejecting the Cuban diaspora, today the country and the families thank them. are paying,” he added.

“When issues like this happen, the officials who are truly responsible for the country’s current devastation and poverty spend their time harassing the families of those who criticize this ineffective model imposed by the party or government. Fernández-Prito adds, describing the persecution of the Cuban regime.

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At the same time it demands minimum respect for people: “Citizens are not the problem, stop harassing or threatening them. They do not make laws and do not take important decisions of the nation. If the sense of justice is the first thing a state abandons, little can be expected from him.

The harsh criticism of this Cuban intellectual may appear in the form of questions: “How can one say that this is the dream of so many martyrs and heroes who gave their lives for justice, for ethics or for the well-being of their children? What are the defenders of the revolution defending? The peace, equality, respect, quality of life and justice that she once promised.” Where?” inquires.

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