Were Selena and Ricky Martin anything else? That look ?; Tests here: Video

It’s no secret to anyone Selena Quintanilla and Ricky Morton They are two of the most loved and popular singers for music lovers in Mexico because their songs are constantly played at parties or gatherings.

Unfortunately, “La Reina del Tex Max” did not gain his unparalleled fame after being assassinated by one of his followers; However, his legacy continues in biographical series spread across different digital platforms.

For his part, the translator of “Maybe”, “Mara” and “La Copa de la Vita” continues to succeed in revolutionizing the Recton genre because he has collaborated with artists such as Maluma and his songs are real musical successes.

Now, famous singers became the topic of conversation after a video was leaked, in which he discovered that there was something other than a professional companion. Tests here:

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In the distant year of 1992, the translator of “Como La Flo” and “Amore Forbidden” shared the stage with the famous singer, so many speculated that it might be something else.

During a part of the Low Nuestro Awards ceremony, the singers exchanged flirting views unnoticed by Internet users.

In the short video we see Ricky Martin with a strangely long hair; Meanwhile, Selena Quintanilla decides to steal the sighs with an elegant outfit that goes exactly with her undeniable body.


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