“We work for the good of the club”


Xavi Hernandez He appeared before the media ahead of Sunday’s match Barcelona In front Else At Martínez Valero Stadium, but the press conference turned to a possible signing Holland For the next lesson.

The table of contents of the 2021-22 Spanish League goes like this

It should be noted that the Catalan newspaper reported on Saturday that DD met Norway in Munich to join the Barசாa team and gave him a definite game plan. Company Owner Player.

First of all this frame, Service Responded: “I can not give details, I can only say that we are working for the present and future of the club. I can not go further, we will say it first if I can do it. For example, yesterday we announced the arrival of Pablo Dore. But, in this case, the future and I do not have to say or declare anything that we are striving for the good of the present.

What else, Hernandez He made it very clear that he did not accept the responsibility of actively participating in the talks that Barcelona was open to. Holland.

‘Galactic’ salary guaranteed by Barcelona to Holland

“We are a team, Mathew, Jordi in charge of the team … they give me a lot of confidence and I can not ask for more. I do not make decisions alone, no one makes decisions unilaterally. This is a team and I am the person who acts as a team, asking questions, telling everyone’s opinion and then deciding. My role is also decisive, but I am not alone. It’s the idea of ​​the game to the player and not to deceive him, “he explained.

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He added: “Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. I understand the interest and excitement the team has created, but we are now. Tomorrow we will play in Elsewhere. We are in fourth place and we can get third place. We have a Europa League. This is not the time to sign or talk about the future. We work hard and plan for the future. ”

Big and Tony Alves

Service Also ruled on the continuity of PQ And Daniel AlvesTwo senior defenders could play with the club in their final season.

” PQ? I’m pleased with its performance, which is extraordinary. I do not see any player who does not want to come to Barcelona. No color with Tony, he gives us a lot on the field, ” he rated.

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