We are not alone in space, says NASA chief

We know that we don’t know anything. Nelson basically commented on the CNN report released last week.

“Yes, I saw a secret report (including annexes that were not published, editor’s note). That is basically what we think. We don’t know what the naval pilots saw. They know they saw something, they looked at it, they focused the radars on it and all of a sudden it started moving rapidly from one place to another, ”Nelson said.

The former Democratic senator from Florida became the second active congressional politician to address the space in 1986, after Jake Garne. Now he specifies that it was as a senator from 2001 to 2019 that he often addressed pilots who had seen UFOs.

“I spoke to these pilots at the Senate Armed Services Committee hearings and I felt there was clearly something there. It doesn’t have to be a stranger. “This is the technology of one of our opponents, so we must be concerned,” Nelson said.

However, he is convinced that the technology captured in the UFO sighting, or rather UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena), as the authorities now call aerial phenomena, does not belong to any of the political rivals.

However, he added in a whisper that the sightings do not provide direct evidence of visitors to space.

NASA scientists will participate in the UAP clarification

However, if we talk about life outside of Earth in general, Nelson has a different opinion.

According to Nelson, NASA will now also work on possible explanations to clarify the observed PAN.

Many skeptical scientists have long believed that the sightings could be explained by a combination of natural phenomena and optical illusions.

Supporters of the visitor from elsewhere theory, according to the conspirators, claim that the government is withholding the most important information that would confirm their theory.

The long-awaited declassification of the report did not bring much news. At least in public view.

However, in the eyes of the authorities and the military, there is an important change. The pilots don’t seem so scared to report that they have seen the PSU. In the past, this topic was taboo between them, they were ridiculed and feared for a career.

Now that authorities are beginning to take these reports seriously, they are likely to increase.

However, these observations will not have such an exception mark. It turns out that these are common phenomena that have little in common with alien civilizations.

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