“We are all Cubans, he sings in his country”

Around the concert Tiger At La Scala in Miami this weekend, many conflicting opinions have been unleashed on the networks, with some harshly criticizing the artist for continuing to travel to Cuba, while others come to his defense.

A fan of the reggaeton singer in Miami took to the networks to make his point of view clear and support the singer.

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“I see some of the comments they’re posting about the El Tigre concert this weekend (…) This is my view, I respect everyone’s view, but I’m not going to be silent. Whoever goes to the El Tigre concert, because El Tigre is a traitor. is in Cuba“Communist is all that stuff people put up with,” the young woman begins.

According to a fan of the artist, people say on networks that a concert-goer has no class or status: “I’m going to go to the El Tiger concert because I’m one of those who have no status or class. La Dranga’ I love their music, I have a great time, I’ve been to many concerts, I love it, I’m impressed.

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“In the end we are all Cubans, and in the end he sings in his country, with his fans, oh there are communists, everything is everywhere,” he added.

El Tiger insisted the young woman He sings to his people in CubaWhere there is no food, no distraction, at least that concert brightens up many people’s day and makes them forget the misery they live in.

Without hesitation, the fan supported artists who wanted to sing on the island: “Artists can no longer be mixed with politics.”

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Those who decide to raise their voice against the dictatorship, let anyone, anyone, born do it.

El Tiger shared a video of his follower on his Instagram and in the caption of the post he wrote: “Coming from the heart no head can stop it. “Cubanasa.”

Catch up on Instagram / The Tiger

At times the reggaeton singer has been criticized for his trips to Cuba and singing in his country, but he insists on continuing to do so. He likes it.

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