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The Brazilian national team defeated Argentina 3-1 at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium on Monday night in the third day of Group A of the U-20 South American Championship in Colombia. Scratch entered the second phase of the tournament in a determination that didn’t have too many flaws.

Argentina’s Gino Infantino had a shot in the first minute but it was saved by goalkeeper Michael Pontes. Then the Brazilians responded with a quick play, until minute 8, they put together a good play down the right, they entered the area, passed, the Albiceleste rebounded and Guilherme Mafra was able to finish off the first game of the night.

Javier Mascherano’s men responded, but they found it difficult to have versatility in the last quarter of the field. In the 16th minute, Augustin Gueye sent a cross to the far post and Brian Aguirre’s header hit the goalkeeper’s crossbar. The Gauchos continued to search for an equaliser, and after nine minutes, Julian Fernandez was brought down in the area and Uruguayan referee Gustavo Capo awarded a penalty. Gino Infantino got in front of the ball, finished through the middle and Michael Pontes denied the charge with one foot.

Around 36′, midfielder Andre dos Santos recovered a ball in the opponent’s exit in the midfield, advanced, bypassed several players, entered the area and only had to cross it to the goalkeeper’s right post, scoring the area 2-0. Then, Argentina didn’t have the same reaction to the first goal, with which they promptly ended the first leg.

In the second half, Mascherano made the first two changes, with Nicolas Paz and Santiago Castro coming in for Gino Infantino and Brian Aguirre. In those first moments, the Argentines had the initiative to look for a tie with some approximations, but Auriverde maintained defensive order.

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In the 57th minute, Nicolas Pass received the ball in the middle, looked for a hole and helped Maximo Perron into space, the midfielder finished towards the net and goalkeeper Pontes stopped the shot with no problem.

Argentina continued to have possession, but they lacked clarity in the final meters of the pitch. Meanwhile the Brazilians tried to recover the ball in the middle of the pitch without too much trouble, then counter-attacked. Then came more changes, with Alejo Veliz joining the Albiceleste for Julian Fernandez and Brazil’s Ronald Cardoso and Pedro Silva coming in for Guilherme Mafra and Marlon Gomez. In the 66th minute, Paz managed to escape his marker in the right sector, sending a cross to the far post and Veliz finishing with a header, but the goalkeeper had no problem controlling the ball.

In the final minutes on 86, Ladoro de Lolo brought down Vitor Roque in the area and the referee awarded a penalty. 3-0 was accomplished by executing the same effect. Four minutes later, Paz fired in a free kick from the left and David Gonzalez headed home a clearance that ended the game.

Argentina’s next match at the U-20 South American Championship is on Wednesday when they host Peru. Both pledges are back in Pascual Guerrero, while Brazil face Colombia.

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