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See VIX Premium Live The finale of the Famous Mexico House was broadcast live. This Sunday concludes the first edition of this reality show, which airs 24/7 and has gained legions of followers. This streaming platform will be responsible for publishing this latest program without censorship and we will tell you how to watch it.

There are still four finalists in the running for the grand prize of La Casa de los Famosos México, one of whom is Nicola Porcella. Followers can follow all details with ViX Premium.

What is ViX Premium?

ViX Premium is a paid plan that lets you access all of ViX’s original and exclusive content under a monthly subscription. You can watch movies, premium games, series, novels and in this case The House of Famous from Mexico.

How to watch ViX Premium Live?

  • Access the ViX app on your subscribed phone, tablet or TV device.
  • Check if your session is closed.
  • Choose a premium show or movie and click “Sign In”.
  • Enter the famous Mexico House.

How to get Vix Premium live from Mexico for free?

  • Enter ViX: Cinema and TV in Spanish and record ViX Premium.
  • Add a credit or debit card as a payment method.
  • Enter the coupon code you received via email from SKY.
  • Ready! Enjoy for 4 months Free of ViX Premium.

When does the House of Fame Mexico finals start?

The finale of Casa de los Famosos México will air this Sunday, May 13 on Channel 2 (Las Estrellas) starting at 8:30pm in Central Mexico. Additionally, you can stream via ViX Premium without any censorship.

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