Warning! Motacua face a crucial loss in the match against Olympia in the league final – ten

There was bad news for the Motacua team ahead of the league final Olympiad. Blues can’t believe one of their stats that was the starter in most games.

Before Marco Tulio Vega Placeholder Image It will be dropped for the first game defining the Clausura 2021 title, which will take place this Sunday at 6:00 pm at the National Stadium.

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Against the semifinals The real Spain Not only did he miss a lot of plays, but he also suffered injuries along the way. Vega Devron collided with Garcia In the second leg he is unable to continue in the game; His right ankle injury prevented him from training normally and getting ready for the final against them. Point Pedro Troclio. He suffers from forward sprain and anxiety is increasing as he is at risk of being in the second leg.

Marco Tulio Vega was injured in the semi-final against Real Spain

After confirming this withdrawal, the Technical Director Diego Martin Vasquez, He changes the cards to give to his second attacker. Argentina is ahead in options handled in a motogenous environment Gonzalo Klusner He will return to the title as an attacking pair with Paraguay Roberto Morera.

Another option, though less so, is to change the tactical plan and try to make up for the absence of Vega with another midfielder or winger; Entering that way Carlos “Muma” Fernandez Next complete the medullary portion Juan Angel Delcado, Matthias Calvallis, Walter Martinez, Kevin Lopez.

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– Christopher Melandes, touched –

Another of the players who touched down after the semifinal against the machine was the defender Christopher Melandes He shrugged.

Melandes Rated by the medical system these days, but fortunately for the blue fans this Saturday “Owl” trained with his team and unlike Vega What did you do Treatments To recover, he He worked out with his teammates.

Christopher Melandes has a shoulder injury, but “OK” for tomorrow’s final

From a physical point of view, they are the only cases that raise doubts Mottagua, The rest of the team train usually announces that they are ready for this first stage Sunday at 6:00 p.m. In National Stadium.

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