Walmart has the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra on an incredible promotion


Features of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra sold by Walmart

He Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra That sells Walmart At $1,008.88, it has 256GB of memory and is unlocked for use with any carrier. Additionally, it has a 200 MP camera and comes in a variety of colors.

According to Walmart's description, you can do the following from the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra:

  • Change the search method
  • Have a translator from other languages ​​in real time
  • Better Notes with Falaxy AI allows you to summarize, format and translate texts
  • Better lighting in dark environments
  • Best photo camera and image editor
  • A more powerful phone
  • Memories in slow motion
  • Excellent writing
  • Excellent picture and video quality for gaming and streaming
  • Fast and easy transcriptions

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Even though Walmart They explained that once the purchase is delivered, it takes 30 days to exchange the phone Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra If this is a problem. In this way, the supermarket tries to keep its customers happy.

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