Visual Puzzle: Can you find the number 139 in 5 seconds?

One Visual puzzleAgain, he is one of the heroes of New Day viruses. This entertaining game that tests the power of surveillance fills the patience of thousands of internet users in virtual communities.

What is it about Visual puzzle? In the image below you can see dozens of black numbers on a green background. There is a certain number in it Dare to find it?

Although it may seem simple, it is Visual challenge This requires a sharp look, as the exact location of the infiltrated number must be found in a short time. It will only take them a maximum of 5 seconds to figure it out.

For those who set out to solve Visual challenge We offer you a help and recommendation. The definitive help is number 139, but in a different way and as advice you can say that you want to see the whole picture, focused and without distraction. Although it may seem simple at first, it is true that it is very difficult to notice with the naked eye.

Visual puzzle. Source: Great.Guru

Still can’t find it? It is recommended that you do not despair if you need more time. This is a game and there is always a second chance. The next clue we give to web users is to look at the left edge of the description.

If you have reached this height of reference, you definitely belong to the 90% of internet users who have failed in all their attempts. As I said at the beginning, this is it Visual challenge Of No. 139 requires patience and a trained look. Next, we present to you the solution of the visual challenge.

Visual puzzle. Source: Great.Guru

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