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In 15 years as a soloist, Virgo Garcia He did not make a music video in Puerto Rico. He did this for a recently released solo, “Akita and Coconut”, It is refreshing, naughty and its visual history takes place amidst the colorful beach Loisa.

At first glance, this is an attractive audiovisual proposal, drawn from our folk tales and with the specific sound that the artist adds to it. But that work includes a series of “micromassages” that he wanted to expose, along with director Alexandra Vivas (Rockenfella, Inc.). Racial diversity is appreciated, and the beauty of traditional rhythms and their dances break the stereotypes surrounding socially imposed trades on a particular gender.

“From a young age, I learned that I need to polish my hair, that beautiful hair is straight hair, and to break that stereotype and present the beautiful, black woman with her afro, all these women with natural hair. Today we see enthusiasts trying to enhance and demonstrate the beauty of blackness through Afros, ”he explained in a video conference from another home in Miami, Florida. “With a woman working on the skin of the drums, the work we have been taught is done by men; Involving a man in the taste of working flowers are details that have taught us that they are more feminine characters.

Winner of several Latin Grammy Awards, these are the attitudes he brings to light based on the new reconciliation he has with the country as a positive result of the epidemic. He shared that the global health crisis has raised a great need to be close to his family, which is why he now spends more time on the island. Here it happens, it is discussed and it happens.

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“Sometimes as an artist, to the extent that we want to repent, we are privileged, living in the bubble of what we do, isolating ourselves from these realities., What municipalities live for, these children have little chance of leaving school and joining a dance troupe, facilities to work in their countryside; It’s about how the culture or subject of music education lags, but the opportunity to make a video there conflicts with many facts I do not know, but sometimes I stay away from them, “he said.

A lot of comments will come to us on this side, how dare you comment, you’re not, it’s easy from there, well, you’ll get a little closer … so I live here and there. “

Virgin Garcia, singer-songwriter

“Agüita e coco” is the second song on the album, scheduled for release in May, and is a sequel to the first single “De puta madre”. The positive tone of the couple’s lyrics will be extended by the new set, although musically it will be very different. “It’s an album that will get you in the mood for the whole thing,” he expects.

The lyrics are in tune with the maturity and context of the singer and musician. Some were his own, others co-teachers, because he wanted to isolate the epidemic and return to the studio to create a social environment. This is the first work he has done with his new composer Christian Rivera.

As a composer, he worked on Christina Aguilera’s Spanish album “La Fuerza”.

Best planned concert

His concerts at the Jose Miguel Acrelode Coliseum in Puerto Rico have been postponed to March 25 and 26, due to the high contagion of the Covit-19 on the island, allowing him to take care of every detail and hold a concert longer. Production, music and technology. Each song will have a different stage, with visuals and lighting, giving a free life to what was previously projected in the videos.

He will bring “luxury guests” to his stage, each night will be different, as well as part of the review.

The couple got married in 2019. (Instagram)

Full on your wedding

Virgin Garcia is “happy” to be with physical trainer Jocelyn Trosses, praising their accomplishments. Sharing family decisions like bringing a dog home, he promised he weighed 40 pounds and was going to be 85.

“As professionals we are proud of all the beautiful things we experience individually. Jocelyn is proud of the beautiful things she has gained in her training, the artists, the professionals she works with and so much more. Health issues are also important to her, and I think the possibility of not having to travel so much can be an observer of what your partner lives, or what your relatives live.

The tours will return, and this year, there will be several between Latin America and Spain, where he will also perform his new concert.

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