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Earth is a place full of many incredible events. One of them occurred in the Solomon Islands: a satellite Caught the big moment , Home to some aquatic animals, exploded in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. This unusual phenomenon went viral .

கவாச்சிIt is located about 24 km south of the island of Wangunu “Sharkan” (A combination of the words shark and volcano in English), two discovered after a scientific journey (2015) Shark species (Silky and curling hammer) “Living in the Abyss”.

“They were noticed Population of gelatinous animals, small fish and sharks in the active abyssIt raises new questions about the ecology of active underwater volcanoes and the extreme conditions under which large marine animals can live. “, Scientists wrote in the paper .

Since then, experts have been exploring one of the creatures around and inside Kawachi. The most active submarine volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean.

New volcanic eruption

Now he is Shared satellite images Kawachi volcano erupted. Photo taken with the powerful Operational Land Imager Telescope on May 14, 2022, showing a column Colorless water exposed For this geographical structure. According to the space agency, the event lasted “Several days in April and over 2022”.

NASA has recorded an underwater eruption in the Kawachi volcano.  (Image: Earthobservatory.nasa)
NASA has recorded an underwater eruption in the Kawachi volcano. (Image: Earthobservatory.nasa)

“Prior to this latest move, major eruptions were observed in Kawachi in 2014 and 2007. The volcano erupts almost continuouslyAnd steam and ash (…) The The island is named after the god of the sea Also known as Rejo de Kwachi or Kawachi Owen by the people of Gadoke and Wangunu. NASA described in a statement.

What is life like in the Solomon Islands?

The Solomon Islands are an independent island nation in Oceania and part of the Commonwealth. . Its main economic activity is based on subsistence agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

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