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Is, without a doubt, the Of most mothers The Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, dancer and actor are all very excited about them, especially when it comes to seeing him live. A Copied to more than one Its protagonist is a young man That is, use his mother’s frenzy towards the translator ‘Toro’, Cheated on her to get vaccinated against her .

The film, which is less than a minute long, was first released on May 8 On account of After a while on different social platforms, a person can be seen driving a truck on the streets As a co-pilot with his mother, he is very excited to see At the concert, until they see long vehicles.

“It simply came to our notice then ? ”, The woman asked her son, who, following the game, replied that it was because he was a 52-year-old artist “A celebrity”, Eventually he decides to admit his true intentions. “Well, what do you think, Mom? He was not even in Montreal. I brought you to be vaccinated. “, He noted, to which his mother – gave him a blow – replied: “What a bastard! Is that why you brought me here?”.

To try to appease his mother’s anger, the teacher From She reminded him that when he was little he was taken away without permission to be vaccinated, and now he will be vaccinated, insisting that it would be easier for him to see the singer live. “It was so beautiful to see me . I have been asking you all my life … “He broke the woman before getting the dose of the vaccine COVID-19.

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So far, the From It has more than 5’300,000 views, about 1’000,000 ‘likes’ and thousands of comments, most of which made all sorts of jokes about that woman’s frenzy towards Saina, but others did not hesitate to confirm everything it did and the historical skills of its protagonists are desirable.

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