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Whom ? This is a question that more than one person on social media asked himself when he learned the history of being considered the richest footballer in the world at the age of 23 (there are more speculations than in Argentina. Or Portuguese ), But whose name is only known after the device is exhausted.

The player, who began his football career at AFC Newbury and later coached in English divisions under Southampton, Arsenal, Chelsea and Stoke City until his arrival in Leicester in 2016, joined the club Sport Maritimo de la First a year and a half ago. section .

However, in the final hours, Funchal announced that it had reached an agreement with the Madeira-based club. Bolkia Even after reaching zero cost in the summer of 2020, he was able to terminate his contract with his staff until June 2022 without being officially introduced, according to the online edition of the Spanish newspaper. .

His greatest achievement: the replacement bench

Despite leaving In search of opportunities, the midfielder left with more pain than the glory of Portuguese football, which was his greatest achievement of his time. “Protected” The green shirt is what he appeared on the substitutes’ bench during the match against Sporting Lisbon in February 2021.

Seems to be the son Jeffrey Bolkiah, Prince of Brunei, as well as nephew of the Sultan Young Hassanal Bolkia, And the immense wealth estimated at 15 15 billion, despite having experience on the alternative teams of major European clubs, does not qualify that young man enough to succeed in professional football.

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There are more odds than abilities

Born in Los Angeles, , And a nationalized Brunei, dream Pike Bolkia Being a football player is often obscured by his eccentric qualities, such as the tiger he keeps as a pet (he plays ball with them) or spends more than 35 million euros a month.

“I’m a fast player, I like to do things. I’m a winger and number 10, I like to play straight and score goals.”, He once said when asked about his style of play at his professional CV, which includes wearing the Brunei football team jersey and scoring five times.

His time with the Brunei football team

After playing for the Brunei U19 football team and the U21 and U23 teams, Pike Bolkia Suzuki finally made their debut for the senior team against East Timor in the 2016 Suzuki AFF Cup qualifying round on 15 October 2016, which ended in a 2-1 victory for Brunei. Rufino Gamma for East Timor, in detail .

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