Videos | In bikini, Marlene Favela dances very sensually at the carnival.

Why millions of people know her face as an actress in soap operas and TV series. Apart from this, she has posed for various magazine covers Underwear or bikini is the most used outfit to capture the look For anyone who wants to keep it at home.

But, not much is known about another aspect Actress Marlene Favela has also joined the marches and traveled metaphorical floats Mazatlan Festival, As she attends these invitationals, an annual event that usually requires the most beautiful actresses at this time and Marlene is no exception. Happy to pose in a bikini and dance to the beat of the music And with encouraging applause from the people.

Thus, Marlene Favela confirms that salsa, reggaeton or any rhythm can be danced in a sensual and very provocative way.

Marlin Favela dances at Carnival

If a woman has more stage presence in a place, Marlene Favela It is clear what needs to be done to attract all eyes. At 1.75 meters tall, with a sinuous figure, a wasp waist and a thin face, the Mexican woman won the floats that took her for a walk through the streets of Mazatlán.

Sure, without a second’s hesitation, Marlene always enjoys the rhythm imposed on her and never stops dancing It’s not about posing for the lens or pleasing his fans.

And to his “wild cat” rhythm

For the project “Look Who’s Dance” a few years ago, by Marlene Favela He entered the dance floor to give his maximum effort Dance to the theme of the soap opera “Gatta Salvaje”Between 2002 and 2003, the same film she acted in was recorded in the US and it catapulted her to stardom.

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To give more emphasis to this dance moment, the singer Pablo Montero performed the soap opera’s theme live, just as it did at that time two decades ago. Just enjoy it Marlene Favela’s Sensual Moves.

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