Video. “Yes, I’m going to Harvard,” Salvador’s host Francisco Cicero said when saying goodbye to Telemundo.

“Being a member of various communities like minorities, being an immigrant, being Latino, being gay, I want to work with all these people through the press, what a joy it was to be able to go to Harvard,” said Santa Ana, a graduate student at the prestigious University of Public Administration and Politics.

Last night, Salvador journalist Francisco Hernandez-Cicero surprised more than 46,000 of his followers, revealing that today would be his last day in Telemundo.

“Family: Tomorrow is my last day in Telemundo! Because I am leaving? Where? Well, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow, “said the host, who will give all the details on the” Hoi Thea “project.

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Followers did not take long to send him messages of support, congratulating him on being the best in the world. Among them were his colleagues, colleagues and friends Roxana Webb and Louis Samoa.

“I’m so proud to think of you! Always successes”, posted the editor of Noticieros Hechos; “You will be wonderful wherever you go! Because your work is sinful and you are very talented. I send you a warmth, ”Paulina assured the couple; “I’m so proud of you for your history, your achievements, you ‘have already come a long way, and the wait for you will be unbelievable,” wrote her partner Stephanie Himonidis, who was in charge of saying the first words of farewell to Francisco during the exchange of the morning show.

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“We’re proud of the public that he was accepted with a scholarship to study at Harvard and that it fills us with emotion,” Ciccier said, trying to hold back tears, although emotion and nostalgia sometimes overwhelmed him. He even took a deep breath.

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“Thank you, all my family. I am excited for this new phase. Yes, I’m going to get a master’s degree in public and political administration at Harvard, I can contribute to the world, I can do meaningfully with journalism, I can be a part of a magazine … I would love to work, what a pleasure to go to Harvard. This is crazy, really, “he said.

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How does it feel to be included in one of the most prestigious universities in the world? They asked him. “I do not believe it, really. This is one of the things you say, I’m going to try, I’m not losing anything by doing it. Yes, I gave all my efforts and can say that I will accept later. Applauded.

He also recalled his activities on Telemundo, where he conducted a variety of interviews with personalities in entertainment, politics and more. Beginning as an expert in cinema, he studied in Spain as a specialty, and the seventh guided him to learn the various places and stars of art.

In addition, he recalled some memorable moments, such as the first day he came to the Telemundo studio, and expressed his nervousness in 2012 when he shared it with his former partner Asusena Sierko.

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“You have to take into account that I was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador. I never thought it would be a dream to come to an international network. Telemundo has given me so many opportunities. I am so grateful for this company… Travel. I want the purpose,” he reiterated.

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“I thank all of you, family, I love you so much, everyone at home, my commitment is with you, I will continue to serve all of you,” he concluded.

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