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An investigation by ITV News has revealed, through secret footage, that Amazon warehouses are destroying unimaginable amounts of waste. Among the most common are smart TVs, computers, drones, hair dryers, and other high-end electronics. Among other things, books star in these mountains of garbage.

We hope that the destroyed waste will be disposed of in the recycling centers. However, they are sent to landfills. A former warehouse worker admitted that this was an important part of his everyday life.

From Friday to Friday, our goal was to destroy 130,000 items per week. In general, 50% of all items are unopened and still in their shrink wrap. The other half is returns and in good condition. The employees have simply become insensitive to what they are being asked to do.

The logistics centers focused on in the report are located in the United Kingdom. All unsold items are stamped with ‘Destruction’ stamps. The same policy applies to those who are returned and will never be sold, although they can be redistributed to people in need or civil society organizations.

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