Video Rocky to Alexa is the ad that makes Amazon Assistant the most attractive

In the days to come, we will be attacked by the commercials that are supposed to air during this year’s Super Bowl, some more successful than others. Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, is the latest to hit the internet.

The final of the American Football Championship takes place on Sunday. The event is nicknamed Super Bowl, but since the NFL intellectual property in question is the name of the game, all events related to that game will be named Big Game.

However, the basic details are less applicable. However, in this part of the ocean, we are more interested in viral ads created for the Super Bowl than in football matches. The latest creative marketing effort is coming From Amazon, Lasts a minute and Michael b. Jordan plays. You may know Jordan because of his role in Black Panther or the latest movie in the Rocky series.

Named Alexa’s Body, the ad shows an Amazon employee interacting with the latest Amazon Echo model, a smart speaker priced at around $ 100. Jordan plays the smart speaker.

“I could not imagine having a beautiful container inside Alexa“, Amazon employee explicitly exposes male objectification, after 100 years of neglecting female.” B. Immediately, some scenes are very difficult to describe from the position of the virtual assistant with Jordan and the best actor of some voice commands.

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