Video | In a bikini, Ariadne Diaz enjoys swimming in a pool and taking photos

If there is any characteristic To Ariadne Diaz Since its appearance on 15 years ago Mexican T.V. It is the special beauty that resides in it. With the most charming looks of soap operas and a smile that melts thousands of fans, the actress plays the role Melodramas on television With these he stood in front of the camera and charmed.

In this case, Ariadne’s memory belongs to a Mexican soap opera “Full Love”In 2010 he starred alongside Valentino Lance in the production Angeli Nesma Adaptation of Televisa and Venezuela “My fat beauty.” From that melodrama, Ariadne gives life to Marianela Ruiz and Teresa Pavon and Victoria de la Garza Montiel.

There, Ariadne evolves into a woman, beautified to the point where she looks very beautiful. Valentino Lanus While swimming in a lake.

Ariadne wins in a bikini

At the age of 23, at the height of her career at the time, Ariadne looked open-mouthed in a swimsuit or bikini, thinking how incredible it would be to admire her on television. One of the most beautiful actresses of her generation, Díaz entered a pool in an episode of the telenovela and briefly swam with her figure covered in a bikini.

They fill it with photos

The role of opportunity has not gone away Valentino Lanus, He didn’t hesitate to grab his camera and capture Ariadne’s best angles. Just like that, the two of them swooped in complicitly and after some persuasion and her humiliation, we got great pictures of the girl in the water.

Just like that Lanus enters the water with her and they share a kiss that leaves the audience wanting to see more of this noble couple.

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