VIDEO: Catch Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in another tense moment

In a few days, Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Rumors have grown that they are facing a marital crisis after being caught in a somewhat embarrassing situation in public.

According to a new video released by Daily MailIt was a surprise when the actor couple got into an apparent argument in a vehicle in Beverly Hills, California.

They were spotted when they were stopped at a red light and allegedly started exchanging heated words.

In a clip provided to the aforementioned outlet by a European tourist, the actor can be seen behind the wheel talking to an angry, serious-looking “Bronx diva.”

At some point, the Oscar winner starts waving, his wife watching him.

A tourist who witnessed the apparent altercation told the Daily Mail it was “obvious” from his body language that Ben was “irritated”.

“There was a lot of hand gestures, Ben was moving his arms up and down, he was hot,” the European traveler revealed.

A few days ago, the couple got into a similar situation when they attended the premiere of the Lopez-starrer “The Mother.”

Then they were surprised in public when Affleck kicked the door of the car Jlo was in. The actor was also very upset.

The couple had a tense moment at the Grammys earlier this year.

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