Video: Argentine fighter’s debut at UFC ends in bloody defeat after brutal beating

“They beat me, which is normal. On top of that they beat me, they pay me less. Things that happen, boys,” said Marcelo ‘Fitball’ Rojo from C காரrdoba.

Argentine mixed martial arts fighter Marcelo ‘Fitball’ Rojo made his UFC debut this Saturday at Fight Night 187 in Las Vegas (USA).

The 32-year-old from C கோrdoba showed great strength and aggression during most of the match, which seemed very equal. However, at the height of the third episode he began to fall, while his rival appeared to be strong, and was caught by the blows just seconds before the bell rang.

Pitball fell on the canvas, and the referee immediately intervened to avoid further punishment and to mark the American victory with a technical knockout.

Rojo bled and ended up with multiple bruises on his face. In a video Published In his Instagram stories, he showed the results, thanked his supporters for the support, and promised that he was fine. “They insulted me [paliza]. Which is normal. On top of that they beat me and they give me less money. Things that happen, guys, said Marcelo, who believes the “Canadian” hit “hard”.

Marcelo, who currently lives in Mexico, has 16 wins (8 knockouts) and 7 defeats. His previous fight was in September 2019, when he defeated Vector Hugo Matrix at the US-owned Combat America event. According to Charles Jordine, he is on his 11th win this weekend and has one draw and three defeats.

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