Very happy with iOS 16.5

As for the battery, its reduction started to decrease gradually Increase in temperatureAs both devices began a perceived loss of autonomy, but when the iPhone X reached higher temperatures, the degradation of the battery stabilized, while the autonomy of the iPhone 14 Pro maintained a more stable reduction. .

I stopped playing the series and cooled both drives. This is where I found interesting data because iPhone X It continued to lose autonomy, and when the iPhone 14 Pro returned to “normal” mode, its autonomy was not reduced.

Many users may think that this is normal, because the difference between the two units is insignificant, after all, in five years, technology has advanced a lot and it is logical that the iPhone 14 Pro has maintained its autonomy better than the iPhone. X, but the final test is that I performed the same test iPhone X with iOS 16.5, iPhone X with iOS 16.4.1 and the aforementioned iPhone 14 Pro

The great joy of iOS 16.5

Practice to see how reduced The battery was the same, i.e. thirty minutes of watching the same Apple TV + series, autonomously charged up to 100%. In this sense, the results are real because, after 15 minutes, the iPhone X with iOS 16.4.1 was left with 63% autonomy, while the latest version of iOS had 64% battery. The The difference is minimal Yes, but Apple has gradually improved a version that was born with many battery management issues and it shows that new features like always-on screen, dynamic island, widgets and vibration significantly drain the battery.

In terms of temperature, two iPhone Xs were given to the touch same temperature Compared to the iPhone 14 Pro, this update has improved features such as battery, but shows no issues with the device’s performance and temperature.

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In conclusion, this test should be taken into account, even if they use the same operating system. Battery status Even above the iOS version, it plays a transcendental role. Both iPhone X have a very damaged battery, which affects their performance, although Apple, as promised, gives them a little More of life For all its units it supports.

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