Veronica Castro recalls when Julio Iglesias inappropriately touched her on stage

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Veronica Castro keeps telling us what to talk about His controversial statements in his interview with Pati Saboi the window. In this case, the protagonist of Mexican melodramas agreed a while ago Julio Iglesias He celebrates his 79th birthday on September 23. He touches her inappropriately during an event and has no choice but to fight back. But that wasn’t the only attack she suffered from the famous Spanish singer, who even stole a kiss from him while they were talking.

From the privacy of her home, the actress, singer and host recalls some of the scandalous passages she encountered throughout her artistic career. That’s how the translator remembered that day I forgot to live, with the same stone Y I will go on my way He took advantage of the fact that they were relatively close and in the middle of a show to touch her bottom without her permission.

The Spanish singer turned 79 this September 23.  (FE/Thais Llorca)
The Spanish singer turned 79 this September 23. (FE/Thais Llorca)

One day he grabbed my butt on a platform. We had many artists, it was an award ceremony, a very big party, there were big name artists there. Julio was behind me, and there I was in the ball, and suddenly I feel someone grab my fancy and cheek! I put a lock on anyone to pick his lock.

As expected, Veronica Castro was very upset and did not hesitate to defend herself No matter who is responsible. As soon as he elbowed him, he turned around to see who was behind and met Julio Iglesia, who immediately complained about what had happened.

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“This is Julio and I tell him: ‘You idiot, why are you grabbing my butt?’ And he says to me: ‘Why don’t you let me grab it for you in the dressing room so I can come and grab it for you here on stage?’, he commented with surprise.

The situation did not worsen, but from that moment the singer felt uncomfortable in the presence of the Spanish star, and although she avoided meeting him again, she had to interview him for one of the programs she hosted: “[No quería] Because he behaves so badly and then does things that I don’t know how to get out of”. But in the end they convinced her by calling such activities “funny”.

We were interviewing, we were talking about his life, his things, what he was doing, I didn’t know he came to Mexico, and suddenly he said: ‘Well, look, I always want to give. You are a kiss, to hug you, everything you did not leave me, but now we are in front of the cameras …’ he got up, grabbed my head and gave me a kiss.

Cristian Castro’s mother admitted that she didn’t know how to react, so she looked at the camera, smiled and continued her show: “Live and in full color I say: ‘Well, now the scene continues, because it’s like that. A love scene’ I give you a Cut to the camera because I’m going to give Madraso.

Veronica Castro and Pati Chapoy's photos together have gone viral, (IG: @chapoypati)
Veronica Castro and Pati Chapoy’s photos together have gone viral, (IG: @chapoypati)

Veronica Castro again complained to Julio Iglesias, but his response would have remained the same, saying he did it because he had not previously admitted it privately.

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During the same talk he had with Pati Sabo, he admitted it He never loved Valeria Lieberman – the ex-wife of his son Cristian Castro- because he noticed how she tried to separate before she officially joined the family. Happy chick His first wife.

That’s a bad pairing. Because I never liked her I saw his purpose Even before they were married, she knew it, and I don’t like it when one woman hurts another Separate my son from his first wife“, said

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