Verification of truth: Newly misleading new Trump ad Biden plans to ‘end fraud’

Interrupted by the certification of a notorious technician, the ad claims to end Biden’s fraud, and among others his tightly cut clip: “No new fraud”

First facts: Biden was not running on a completely banning plan, which was not part of his written plan. That being said, he has previously created confusion about his position during the campaign, first with some of the comments he made during the Democratic primary and then during the final presidential debate on October 22.

Clip one featured in the ad Exchange Biden Vermont Sen. on climate change during the March 15 debate. Bernie was with Sanders. The same evening, the Biden campaign Clarified Biden reiterated his plan to ban oil and gas permits on public lands, not a complete ban on new scams, a president said. can not do.
Pitton’s written plan Proposes “Prohibition of allowing new oil and gas on public lands and waterways,” ending all new divisions everywhere or ending all frauds on public lands and waters. Biden said openly Said He did not support the worst ban nationwide (although he did not believe such a ban would pass). However, he too Pledge For “establishing an enforcement mechanism to achieve net-zero emissions after 2050”, it will certainly require a significant reduction in fraud.

There is some basis for opposing Biden’s stance on the continued attacks of the Trump campaign. During the July 2019 Democratic primary debate, CNN’s Dana Bosch asked, “Will there be any room for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking, in the Biden administration?” He asked. To which Biden replied, “No, we will – we will do it. We will make sure it is removed, and one of them – there are no subsidies for any fossil fuel.”

During the final presidential debate, Trump Mentioned These past comments by Biden prompted the former vice president to falsely assert that he had never said he was opposed. Biden then sought to clarify his position Claim claimed His past opposition is particularly concerned with fraud on federal land. While it is false to say that Biden never spoke out against fraud, Trump is wrong to say that Biden’s current plan will end fraud if elected.
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