Venezuela’s opposition has denounced corruption in Chavismo and accused the Maduro dictatorship of looting the country’s resources.

Dictator Maduro begins removing Chavista officials (REUTERS / Manaure Quintero)

The Venezuelan opposition, grouped under the Unitary Platform (PU), rejected this Wednesday Recently discovered corrupt practices in ChavismoIt has detained 19 senior officials and accused Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship of “looting” the country’s resources.

“From a platform of solidarity, together with the majority of Venezuelans, we reject this new fraud committed by Nicolás Maduro and with him on resources belonging to the Venezuelan people,” the coalition said in a statement via Twitter.

The reported corrupt practices are the result of the “systematic destruction of the rule of law and its institutions, which are currently in the service of the Maduro regime. They use them to persecute whomever suits them.

The opposition demanded an “immediate” return to the negotiating table between the established dictatorship in Mexico and the PU, which has not met since last November, citing “human rights violations and The robbery to which the Venezuelan people are subjected.”

Similarly, the opposition platform rejected recent allegations against its leaders, including the former Speaker of Parliament. Juan QuitoAccused of stealing government property abroad.

“We reject the attack and we reject the continued attack against Juan Guaido, and we warn against the threats against the leadership of the Unitary Platform as an attempt to divert attention from this new robbery scandal,” the alliance stressed.

The Unitary Platform rejects Chavismo’s attack and attack against Juan Guaido (REUTERS/Gaby Oraa).

The Venezuelan dictator announced on Monday that he had “personally” conducted a series of investigations alongside police officers. To “dismantle” the “corrupt mafias entrenched in key sectors” of the economy, politics and judiciary.

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“The Bolivarian Revolution faces corruption in a firm and strong position. It is a constant struggle to protect Bolivarian morality and ethics,” he said Wednesday in a message posted on his Twitter account.

So far, authorities have arrested 19 senior officials allegedly linked to corrupt activities, five of whom have been identified, including the former head of CryptoActive (SunaGrip). Joselit Ramirez and Chavista vice Hakbel RowaIn addition to two judges and a Chavista mayor, parliamentary immunity was lifted this Tuesday.

On investigations into alleged “serious” corrupt practices at the state-owned PDVSA as well, the Petroleum Minister said, Tareck El-AissamiHe resigned his post “with the intention of fully supporting, supporting and supporting this process.”

Maduro accepted El Aissamy’s resignation and was appointed PTVSA president yesterday. Pedro TelecheaAs the new oil minister, he asked for “maximum efficiency” in his new assignments.

Despite public announcements, the purge of Chavista officials is a response to bitter infighting between Maduro and El Issamy.

(with information from EFE)

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