Venezuelan human rights activist Rocio San Miguel was arrested by the Maduro regime when he tried to leave the country.

Venezuelan human rights activist Rocio San Miguel was arrested by the Maduro regime as he tried to leave the country.

Chairman of the NGO Citizen control, Rocio San Miguel, On Friday, January 9, he was arrested by the Savista dictatorship's political police as he tried to leave. VenezuelaWithin the framework of the trial for alleged conspiracies against the regime Nicolás MaduroThis has been announced by the organization Provide Through a message on social network X.

Rocio San Miguel is a victim of harassment, persecution and discrimination by the Venezuelan government.. “His arrest is a very serious incident that highlights the progressive closure of civil space and attempts by the regime to stifle critical voices,” the NGO condemned.

system Justice, Reconciliation and Forgiveness He also spoke about San Miguel's arbitrary detention, noting that “those close to the activist are informing him of his whereabouts more than 24 hours after his arrest.”

Venezuelan NGO Provea confirmed the arrest of Rocío San Miguel.

The opposition leader's party for its part Maria Corina MachadoVente Venezuela vowed that the move “continues to attack civil society as part of a systematic pattern of human rights violations.”

The security expert's arrest is related to ongoing investigations by the Venezuelan regime into the cases. Conspiracy Condemned by Maduro in his report and account presentation on January 15 National Assembly.

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Due to these events, till January 24, 36 people were arrested According to the attorney general appointed by Maduro, 22 requested by the Chavista judge, Tarek William Chap.

The journalist was among those accused by the Chavista dictatorship of being linked to these plots Infobay Sebastiana PerezOne charge was dismissed National College of Journalists (CNP) and they called her “Another serious attack on freedom of expressionFreedom of Information and Due Process.”

The arrest of the security expert is related to the investigations being carried out by Justice Savista regarding the conspiracy cases announced by the dictatorial regime on January 15th.

According to the organization, some high-ranking officials of the prosecutor's office and officials of the judicial branch failed to comply with recommendations or protocols. UN About avoiding the continued implementation of threatening mechanisms Freedom of expression and the duty to investigate crimes committed against journalists, trade union leaders, students, politicians and human rights defenders.

He CNP Rejected the continued criminalization of reporters, journalists, press staff and security guards Human rightsWithout access to knowledge or evidence, without respect for the exercise of the right to defence, the presumption of innocence and the right to appoint personal defenders.

For his part, Venezuela's defense minister, Vladimir Padrino López, announced more evacuations. 30 players The Bolivarian National Armed Forces have been implicated in these plots, including the assassination attempt on Nicolás Maduro.

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