Venezuelan boy builds flip-flop business from abandoned tire rubber to help his family Univision Latin America News

Andres Lopez is a Venezuelan boy, he is 14 years old and needed Innovative idea Improve the hard Economic situation His family passes.

That’s when it all started He lost his Cholas (Flip Flops) Played on the streets of Bolivar with his friends. Venezuela, The place where he lives with his family.

In an interview with Univisión Noticias, Andres recalled that he knew it. At home I will never find money Buy a new pair and “nothing to do”, so he quickly started looking for a way to replace them.

He remembered how he saw the neighbor making his own shoes with the help of his grandfather. He started doing research on the internet You can learn to cut rubber and make flip flops.

I learned to sew the Cholas (Flip flops) With the same ‘nylon’ of rubber, I was looking for ideas to make the rubber easier to cut, which is a bit difficult, “he says.

Using the old rubber he got from the scrap tires, the young man saved the money to buy the item, so he immediately Began to produce some pairs of sandals Sell ​​them.

His family, his main support

Despite the disadvantages they face due to unemployment, Bolivar high inflation and the social problems that Venezuela is currently experiencing, His family supports him, Says young entrepreneurs.

His mother, seeing her son’s effort, decided to support him and spent a few dollars to buy the supplies needed to start his small production, which was immediately supported by acquaintances and neighbors. They started ordering the first couple from him.

In recent weeks, the carpenter of Spanish descent has done nothing but learn from his grandfather.

Says Andres University News That They spent hours together in the workshop, Sufficient technique to work with different materials helped him.

“My grandfather was a carpenter, Chola was completely hand crafted and that work was all by hand and they always helped me make Cholas,” he said, adding that his mother and brother were always the best. Help in your small business that may be achievable 40,000 followers Within it Instagram account.

My brother helps me to cut rubber, My mom sews the piece, I do everything else, “he explains.

At the beginning of his endeavor, Andres I went outside in search of rubber He had to get it by barter with his flip flops, as there was a shortage of material in the tires lying on the streets.

However, nothing was downgraded.

“For children my age, they will fulfill their dreams, they will never give up, nothing is possible, and parents, support them a lot,” the young man promises with a smile on his face He wants to be a baseball player when he grows up.

“I thank God and all the people who sent him messages of love, blessing and support,” he said.

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