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More than 10 days before the presidential election in the United States, CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS announce the end of the vote count in all 50 federal states. Thus, Joe Biden defeated Georgia (16 voters), a traditional Republican for many years, and Donald Trump defeated North Carolina (15 voters).

With a total of 306 voters, Joe Biden is guaranteed victory. Incumbent President Donald Trump needs to settle for only 232 voters. Votes should be reconsidered for Georgia’s close decision, but experts do not believe there will be significant changes in the final result.

The paradox of fate at the end of this hotly contested election is that Democrat Biden won by a margin of exactly 306 votes, as did Republican Donald Trump four years ago. The then winner, Trump, described the victory as an “earthquake” and now refers only to the “manipulation” of elections. He still refuses to admit defeat.

“Safe Election in American History”

Acting President Donald Trump at a White House press conference on November 13

In the conflict over the vote, the pressure on Trump is increasing day by day. Many officials have denied allegations of vote rigging in the Republican camp and cited the safest election in American history. The statement, signed by representatives of the Ministry of National Defense and the Energy Security Agency within the Electoral Commission, stated that “there is no evidence that the ballots were removed from the voting system, that they were altered or that they would have – somehow compromised the election”. In addition, U.S. prosecutors announced on Saturday morning they would not decide whether to reconsider the vote, thus opposing a request sent by Justice Minister William Barr. Trump’s lawyers have challenged the vote in several states, but have not presented any evidence of electoral falsification or possible manipulation.

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In terms of the total number of votes cast by American voters, Pitani has received more than five million more than Trump. In absolute numbers, the Democrats received 78 million votes (50.8 percent), while the Republicans were able to win 72.7 million Americans (47.5 percent). However, the President of the United States is only indirectly elected by popular vote. The preference expressed by the voters is found within the Electoral College, which then votes for the President. For victory, the president needs an absolute majority of at least 270 votes out of a total of 538, respectively.

In the United States, it is common for large media trusts to announce predictions about the outcome of the presidential election on election night. Official results will be released in a few days. But because of the epidemic, millions of Americans wanted to vote by mail this year, leading to a late announcement of results.

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