Uruguay flight in favor of Colombia in the semi-finals

America's Cup

The Coffee team will have a small but valuable advantage over the Uruguayans.

© Getty ImagesColombia's Richard Rios at Copa America 2024

Colombia reach the 2024 Copa America semi-finals with hopes of beating Uruguay. Brazil had to be eliminated to advance. But the good news for coffee farmers is that they will have a small but valuable advantage over the Uruguayans, thanks to the crash on the plane that was supposed to carry them.

According to what is known, Federico Valverde will be on the plane with all his teammates from the Uruguayan national team. Couldn't take off due to technical glitch. So, the soldiers got off the plane and went to sleep in the hostel.

This kind of situation could help the Colombian national team in the semifinals, The Uruguayan players may not be 100% rested due to wear and tear from flying the day before the semi-final. And Charlotte didn't make it to town with a lot of time.

About the Uruguayan flight in Las Vegas

He gave a report on the status of the flight to Uruguay Diego Munoz, sports journalist for ESPN, He is monitoring the Uruguayan national team in Copa America 2024.

“Uruguay is going to spend the night in Las Vegas. They were on top of the plane when the charterer's air conditioning failed to take off. We saw how the bus with the players started dropping all the bags, which was a sign of trouble for a long time. After a few meetings between the coaching staff and national team officials, it was decided to stay in Las Vegas, sleep here, no training. There was a little activation in the morning for those who didn't play against Brazil today, and the rest of the day was rest and family. “The timing of the team's flight from Las Vegas to Charlotte on Monday will determine whether the team will practice here or host the semifinal against Columbia.”

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