UPR also faces cyber attacks, but “situation observed”

The University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Interim President of the UPR Dr. Myra Olaverria Cruz said today that there has been a series of cyber attacks in recent days aimed at restricting the availability of services.

His statements came minutes after a news conference to provide details of the government’s attack ransomware For the private operator’s organization that manages AutoExpreso, it has been removing the recharging system from service since Saturday. It was at this conference at the Miramar Convention Center that the cyber attack on the public school was first exposed.

The ransomware It is a type of virus that infects computers, encrypted or encrypted Abduction Files (hard drives) in computer storage are then charged (usually by cryptocurrency) Bitcoin) To regain access to information.

For questions New day, UPR spokesman Daniel Rodriguez Leon explained it The condition of the company’s systems is not by attack ransomware. In this case, the cyber attacks caused a number of interruptions in the use of the Moodle virtual class site.

“This happens from time to time when platform users increase traffic to prevent many users around the world from gaining access to honest users. This is done by half-hour, one-hour episodes that are resolved by attending,” he explained.

He argued that this was not the first time they had encountered such a problem and that university students were being informed by email. “The university community has always been informed that transcendental communication networks are compatible with the AutoExpreso issue, but in reality they have nothing to do with it.”

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Olaverria Cruz promised The situation was observed and there were no side effects that could affect the system users. He pointed out No data loss, identity theft, or damage to UPR’s servers or network infrastructure.

“UPR, like any other type of government or private organization, will continue to be exposed to these cyber attacks. The important thing is that we have the security tools needed to identify them and serve them quickly and efficiently,” the interim president explained in a statement.

For her part, Interior Secretary Nolia Garcia told a news conference that the Puerto Rico Office of Innovation and Technology Services (PRITS) would take part in any investigation by the UPR into cyber attacks.

“They (UPR) have basically told us what’s going on and we will definitely do our best to cooperate,” Garcia said.

“Information systems work in collaboration with office staff, security professionals, and security agencies that provide information to detect the origin of attacks,” Olaveria Cruz said.

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