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How do humans judge machines?this is the name of the hypothetical speech that will be dictated Cesar HidalgoAnd boss Group Learning Centre affiliate Institute of Artificial and Natural Intelligence in Toulouse (ANITI) from the University of Toulouse (France)in a new edition of Data Science SymposiumOrganized by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Playa Ancha.

The specialist will address some of the topics he analyzes in The book “How humans judge machines”, which he co-authored with other professionals, in which AI ethics is experimentally explored in scenarios involving physical harm, racial bias, invasion of privacy, job substitution, and more. Through experiments, the publication reveals the differences people make in judging humans and machines and explores when and why we judge humans and machines differently.

The appointment is Wednesday, March 15th, at 11:00 a.m., via Zoom. Those wishing to register must do so through the following online form: https://forms.gle/NGb51GuZ1bHGZ1ps7

You can also follow the talk on the channel Datalab YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/@datoslabupla5575/streams)

Data Science Symposium

With a talk by a Hispanic Chilean American academic, the symposium in data science that is part of ANID Project: FOVI210083 “Strengthening international links between universities in Macrosona Centro to promote the study of the dynamics of group learning (collective learning) through data science (data science)”, of which the principal investigator is Dr. Miguel Guevara Albornozboss DataLab. cl The Faculty of Engineering at the University of La Serena participates in it.

In parallel, the conference is also part of the “Ethics and Artificial Intelligence” course, run by the UPLA Data Science Lab, which is based on the course and the book How Humans Judge Machines by César Hidalgo and collaborators.

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