Upcoming Huawei cell phones are no longer compatible with Android

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In the northern summer, the new operating system HuaweiHarmoniOS Next, according to Richard Yu, is ready to be released to end users and all native applications have been updated.

However, there’s bad news for those who are going to update this OS or buy new generation cell phones from the Chinese brand: it won’t have compatibility. Android apk.

This means that HarmonyOS Next cannot install Android apps or read Android code.

According to Pandeyli, Huawei has removed library support from Android.

“The system foundation is completely self-developed, eliminating traditional AOSP code and only supporting applications based on the HarmonyOS kernel and system. Additionally, HarmonyOS NEXT can only use installation packages in Hap format, meaning HarmonyOS is no longer compatible with Android applications,” the release comments.

The status of the acceleration of the next release of HarmonyOS Next is that from January to October 2023, according to the Zhilian recruitment site, Huawei is looking for and recruiting people for related positions focusing on the Internet, computer software fields and telecommunications. Value added services. Positions primarily include Software Development, Mobile Development (Android), C++ Development Engineer, Embedded Software Development, Java Development Engineer and Software Testing.

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