Until the end of the COP 26 summit, the Brazilian government hid information about the deforestation of the Amazon.

BrasiliaBoth the President Jair Bolzano Brazil’s Minister of Environment, Joachim Light, was aware of the annual deforestation rate. Amazon The climate arose before the talk United Nations (ONU) in GlasgowBut the three cabinet ministers said they had not released the results so as not to disrupt the talks. Associated Press Anonymous.

Monitoring system data Produces Of National Institute for Space Research (Its abbreviated INPE in Portuguese) was released on Thursday, showing it During the 12-month period from August 2020 to July 2021, the Amazon lost 5,110 square miles of rainforest. This figure is 22% higher than the previous 12-month period, a 15-year high.

Three ministers, as well as an INPE coordinator who compiles the data – spoke to the AP anonymously for fear of retaliation – said. When negotiations began in Glasgow before October 31, the annual deforestation report was made available to the Government Information Agency..

Six days earlier, during a meeting at the Presidential Palace, Bolzano and several other ministers discussed deforestation results from 2020 to 2021 and decided not to release them after the climate conference.Three ministers, two of whom attended the meeting.

On that day, the government introduced a scheme to promote green growth. Official speeches appeared as a rehearsal of efforts to promote responsible environmental responsibility in Glasgow after two years of massive deforestation.

One of the two ministers who attended the meeting said the decision to withhold data was part of a strategy to restore environmental credibility abroad. This is not an attempt to lie, but rather a means of emphasizing positive improvements, particularly the year-on-year decline reflected in the deforestation data for July and August from the Tidar monitoring system.

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Paulsonaro highlighted the same data when he addressed the UN General Assembly in September. However, in the two months since then, the Tidar system has shown a strong year-on-year increase.

Ditter data is published every month and is considered an important indicator to complete the calculations of the most accurate BRTS system, which is based on clear images and is published once a year. Prodes generally match data provided by Deter.

After the release of the Brods data on Thursday, Leite told reporters that the data did not reflect the government’s commitment in recent months. Lead led the Brazilian delegation to the UN Climate Summit.

Bolsanaro, who has long advocated for development in the Amazon, including the mining of native lands, did not attend Glasgow after attending a group 20 meeting in Rome.

The Ministry of Environment and the President’s press office did not respond to AP’s emails on when Lead and Bolsanaro were notified of the 2020-2021 deforestation data and why its release was postponed.

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