Unimaginable adamari and tight purple mesh!

When we are getting used to the new image Adamari Lopez More and more stylized, on Wednesday, August 18th, the pictures she uploaded in her Instagram stories during her workout opened our mouths!

Wearing tight purple full-length mesh, Alana’s mother’s shade caused a stir because her dress left nothing to the imagination and her figure was truly stunning.

Undoubtedly, this 2021 actress and host will be back in life, she decided to take charge of her life and was subjected to strict habits based on food and sports, Apparently something already paid for.

IG Adamari Lopez

IG Adamari Lopez

IG Adamari Lopez

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Another change marked the first half of the year when Adamari’s life took a complete turn: his unexpected departure from the dancer Tony Costa, Father of his daughter Alana, Has created headlines Because the driver emotionally shared the unusual message with her voice.

The broken couple were seen together on their last vacation in Italy, where, as they have said on more than one occasion, they enjoyed a unity family from afar for their absolute priority, for their heart.

A few hours ago, Ada and Tony were seen together again When her dog returned home after a little trouble for her daughter, it was a united family despite everything. In a short time, Tony Costa unleashes alarms: Has Adamari Lopez already found a new love? Change it?

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