UNED in Valdepeñas proposes that we talk about science and art

There will be 5 dates that will lead to talking about chemistry, mathematics, gastronomy, botany and medicine in relation to art. For this, there will be different speakers from the UNED teaching group. At the first congress will be Pedro Jesús Sánchez Muñoz, Doctor of CC. Chemicals. CC graduate. Chemicals. Director and senior lecturer at the associated center, we spoke with him. In addition, he will be accompanied by Pedro Jesús Jaramillo Santos, Professor of Art History. Certificate in history. ORISOS partner, and together they will be talking about “Pigments and Color: Chemistry in Art.” These conferences will follow:

Thursday, March 30: “Mathematics Hidden in the Works of Art.” Speaker Miguel Parrilla Orellana is a teacher and graduate in Geomatics and Topographical Engineering.

Thursday, April 13: “Art and Gastronomy: Food Traditions in History”, with Eva María Jesús Morales, Professor of Teaching at the Joint Center. Graduated in Geography and History and Graduated in Art History. ORISOS member.

Thursday, April 20: “Botany in Art: Plants as Appearance and Iconography.” The speaker, Pedro Jesus Jaramillo Santos, is a professor of art history with a degree and has a degree in history. ORISOS partner.

Thursday, April 27: “Medicine Reflected in Art”, which will be hosted by Rafael Pelaez Cabrera, MBBS. Surgery specialist. Surgeon at Hospital de Valdepeñas and graduated in History from UNED.

All conferences will take place at 7:30 pm in the Auditorium of the UNED ‘Lorenzo Luzuriaga’ Associated Center, in Valdepeñas. These talks will not have an online presence, will be face to face, and registration is free. Registration is not mandatory, but it will help not to overflow. It can be done in the center itself or on the web: https://extension.uned.es/actividad/idactividad/29513

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