Unbelievable: Another elephant seal arrives in Colombia, less than 2 weeks – Cali – Colombia

Beaches peaceful Colombia has strange visitors, but they have created excitement among wildlife lovers and conservationists.

It was seen within the second two weeks Elephant seal One Miringa leonina Reaches coastal beaches.

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Just found Beaches of SokoNeighboring Department Gaga’s Valley.

The case was registered from October 1 last Regional Autonomous Corporation (CVC) of National Natural Parks and Valleys At that time, they called on the community to protect the elephant seal that arrived at the port of Valle del Cauca, in Buenaventura, on the beach of La Barra.

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A new sighting of this gigantic animal is reported to have occurred at Choco Beach National Nature Parks.

On its Twitter account, National Parks pointed out: “Elephant seal! Miringa leoninaApproximately three meters long.

Elephant seal in front of the eyes! At PNN Utria cove we were visited by a young male of Mirounga leonina, approximately three meters long.

According to the National Parks, it can be found in the Pacific and now in Soko, Looking for food.

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“That’s why if you see him, avoid disturbing him. Remember that he has traveled nearly 9,000 kilometers and needs a rest to resume his migratory route to the south of the continent,” they suggested in the report.

The institute noted: “It is not common to see them in the Pacific, however this is the fifth year in a row that we have observed individuals of this species.”

Nature park Ensenada de Utría is located between Bahía Solano and Nuquí.

Two years ago, a small family of four was spotted.

It is not common to see them ColombiaIt is commonly seen as a species of mammal Chile, ArgentinaPatagonia, Tierra del Fuego and the Malvinas Islands, south of the American continent.

They have also been found Mexico and the United States.

Two weeks ago, when the elephant seal arrived in Buenaventura, pictures were circulated on social media.

“It’s not a sea lion as they say in network publications, but an elephant seal is very rare on our coasts because, usually, they only reach Chile,” they pointed out in CVC.

“The same species that was found in Mayorquin in 2020 is now in La Barra. Although it is a strange sight, it gives us great joy,” said biologist Edward Sevilla, director of the Western Pacific Region. CVC.

He clarified that it was not a sea lion. The difference between an elephant and a sea lion is that the latter is tropical Easy to find even on Gorgon Island. Most likely, elephant seal sightings along the Colombian Pacific coast are due to some climatic changes in the marine areas.

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The elephant seal is a carnivore (it usually eats fish and some crustaceans) and although it is not known to attack humans, it can be dangerous.

“In case of encountering any of these mammals, we recommend recording or photographing them at a safe distance and in silence. Our technicians will continue monitoring to protect this species and other species in the area,” said a CVC official.


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