UN Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez before the Security Council: “We are witnessing the dissolution of the Haitian state”

New York, USA – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, Roberto AlvarezThe United Nations Security Council warned earlier (UN) We are witness to that today Dissolution of the Haitian government Due to severe insecurity and social problems affecting that country.

“We have said in the past in this Security Council, and we reiterate today, that the situation in Port-au-Prince is comparable to an internal armed conflict, save in this case the distinction regarding belligerent classification. Indeed, we see today the dissolution of the Haitian state.”The Dominican Foreign Minister said at the end of his turn Quarterly meeting of the UN to discuss the situation in Haiti.

The diplomat added Any decision to withhold urgent effective aid to HaitiIt can be considered as the own and exclusive activity of the organization as mandated by its charter and international law DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY.

“We do not understand why this important body took so long to comply with the aid requested by Haiti (…). To be honest, we tend to think about the possibility that countries receive attention based on a different hierarchy, as some say”, said the Dominican Foreign Minister while making the pledge There are examples of other efforts Support for countries in crisis, for that matter There are no such restrictions on international aid.

Álvarez explained that it includes the sovereignty of the state Duty to protect their own peopleBut when a state cannot fully do so, This responsibility belongs to the international communityFor this we have to use diplomatic, humanitarian and any other means within its competence.

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On the other hand, he approved of the mission Sanctions Committee and its Panel of ExpertsIn Haiti, it directed efforts to identify sectors that promote crime and contribute to insecurity, reiterates The urgent need to send an international support force to the Haitian National Police, The officials of the country have requested.

He informed that the Dominican government has ordered this Many Haitian citizens are denied entry As a means of supporting the efforts of the Security Council to protect the security and integrity of Dominican territory.

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