Ultrak apologizes for fighting with Lenier and Boris at the Miami restaurant

Cuban YouTuber Ultratrack (Jorge Bautista) got into an argument at a Miami restaurant and apologized for the incident on his social networks.

“I publicly apologize to Exploda’vo, his crew and the organizers of the event. La Mesa Restaurant. There was a problem. It’s not my fault, though There was a fight” Ultrak said in a video shared with his followers.

The youtuber explained that “apparently” the restaurant’s security let El Boris (the producer) in. Boris Arencibia), his bodyguard, Lenier (singer Linear table) and another person they did not identify. The four of them went to Ultrac’s table and started an argument that ended with punches.

Ultrak suffered injuries to his hands and a blow to his head. Shlula’s companion sustained leg injuries. Both gave a statement to the police and lodged a complaint against their assailants.

Michelito Dando Chucho shared a live video where Ultrak describes what happened and the injuries he sustained after the fight.

Influence known as “Un Mardi du Durago” Altrock and his accomplice showed the police footage of the moment they testified.

Cyber ​​Cuba He wrote to Boris and Lenier to find out their version of events and confirm that they were the ones involved in the confrontation in Miami, but neither of them had responded to messages as of this writing.

Ultratrack Lenier has been harshly critical of Mesa Now for the trip to Cuba Boris for organizing the controversial event Santa Maria Music Festival At a Cuban resort. It is believed that the YouTuber’s statements may be against the singer and producer The cause of the fight in Miami.

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Ultrac released a video on its YouTube channel this week He assures that Boris and Lenier had an argument. He says the producer gave the singer a $50,000 check to perform in Cuba, but when “How To Pay You” hit the island he regretted it and returned the money.

This, according to Altrock, caused Boris to get upset and oust Lenier using other singers who told the world the musician was in Santa Maria Key.

Instagram El Explota’o

EXPLOD’O (Sergio Barrios) is a Cuban comedian and YouTuber based in Miami. He is very active on his social networks and apologized for it Damage caused by this fight For influencers, artists and the image of the restaurant where the argument took place.

Ultratrack He warned that the problem, which culminated in physical aggression in Miami, was far from over. He promises that this is just the beginning of things to come as he has already filed a complaint with the Miami police and won’t stop until Boris and Lenier get legal permission for this attack.

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