Two women and a call: A twist in the Vatican’s trial against Cardinal Peque could change the course of the trial

A new twist in the Vatican investigation against Cardinal Pesiu could change the direction of the investigation (EFE)

Cardinal Angelo Pesiu faces legal action for Irregularities in Vatican finances During his years as Secretary of State between 2011 and 2018. Now, the appearance of two women in the case may change the course of the investigation.

An ongoing investigation by a Vatican court seeks to shed light on the organization’s financial irregularities, including the sale of a building in central London and a large sum charged to rescue a kidnapped nun in 2017.

The process was unprecedented because it put Bechiu and various financiers on the bench. Cecilia MarognaThe man who managed the rescue of the nun from the hands of Al Qaeda was given to the Vatican as an adviser on diplomatic affairs.

However, this Friday the cause took an important turn with the naming of two women who entered the trial. About Francesca Savochiwho had already acted in another historic trial at the Holy See –Vathylakes 2-, and who He intervened in the investigation.

Vatican court assesses Francesca Savochi's role in accusations against Begue (REUTERS)
Vatican court assesses Francesca Savochi’s role in accusations against Begue (REUTERS)

In the last hearing, the learned counsel, Alessandro DDIt is reported that over a hundred Whatsapp messages have been received from them Genevefa CiferiA friend of Mr Alberto PerlascaA former employee of the Secretary of State and Mr A key witness in the accusations against the cardinal.

In the news, Ciferi said he was the one who recommended the material that would make up the incriminating document, which Chouqi assisted with.

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Monsignor Berlaska, for his part, testified that he had no knowledge of Chaugi’s participation in the case and that he believed the titles of the testimony suggested “an elderly retired judge involved in the investigation.” However, during the trial, after the trial, he contacted Cifferi and asked him to name the “old magistrate”, to which he replied Francesca Soucchi.

As a result of this new information, early next year Ciferri and Chaouqui will be called upon to clarify recent evidence, Determine what their role really was in Berlasca’s accusations against Becciu and rule out that they orchestrated the accusations.

In early 2023, Ciferi and Soukki will be called to clarify the latest evidence, to determine what their role really was in Berlaska's accusations against Pesiu (REUTERS).
In early 2023, Ciferi and Soukki will be called to clarify the latest evidence, to determine what their role really was in Berlaska’s accusations against Pesiu (REUTERS).

days ago, Listening to a secretly recorded phone call between the Pope and a Cardinal According to journalists who were able to speak with lawyers who stayed in the room during the trial, he exposed a conversation. becciu He wanted the papacy to acknowledge its existence A payment authorized by Marogna to a company For managing the release of a kidnapped Colombian nun in 2017.

Confirmed, the Pope “vaguely” remembers the first money transaction $350,000 Then others $500,000. However, when Bequeau was asked for a document on the matter, Francisco suggested that the request be put in writing.

In recent days, a secretly recorded call between the Pope and a cardinal also became known (REUTERS)
In recent days, a secretly recorded call between the Pope and a cardinal also became known (REUTERS)

After receiving from the advocates, this record is submitted Italian financial policeIt is seen Becciu is also associated with investigating a charity in Sardinia.

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According to the investigation, Marogna used the amount for luxury clothes, visits to health centers and other things of a personal nature. That’s why he was accused of embezzlement along with Bechiu, who faces charges of corruption and abuse of power.

(with information from EFE)

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