Two groups have denounced Galle’s management for leaving her without a space to operate

gatherings “A Tree for Your School” and “EcOlavarría”, they denounced Municipal Administration for Mayor Ezequiel Galle Because they left them with nowhere to go about their activities, they also claimed that the news had been announced to them before The WhatsApp Through the Minister of Culture and Education, Bruno Senezzo.

In a statement, the groups “A Tree for Your School” and “EcOlavarría” noted that after uniting in 2020 “thinking about the common good, preserving and protecting our cultural heritage of forests,” they note “The need for space to work That is why they appeared in La Maxima Biopark.

Due to the need and because this is a “public environment for the Olavarriense community”, I have officially ordered the spaces Flavio Maldonado – Director of La Máxima Biopark- give them custody”She was in complete abandonment.

And before ordering, they indicated that: “Office manager Flavio Maldonado Biopark gives us space to develop activities for production, agriculture, afforestation and environmental education in a joint and cooperative manner; establishing an agreement dated August 17, 2021 and signed by it.”

In the aforementioned agreement, Maldonado”Undertakes to create the corresponding file and give authority to action towards higher regionsBoth groups obtained a duplicate, but clarified: “We have a copy, without the signature of the CEO, because the biopark management did not continue in the corresponding cases to give legitimacy to our work, a situation of which we were not aware until March of this year.”

in this context, The project continued to grow in 2020 – In the middle of the epidemic period – they built the administrative and aesthetic part of the program, and began the process of registering the name, intellectual property and legal status.

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Later in May 2021, by Resolution 035/21 of the Board of Deliberations, he launched the “Tree for Your School” program (and)The municipal legislative interest has been declared.

The Minister of Culture and Education announced that the municipality had decided “not to pay or allow the program” via a WhatsApp message.

“It was and then it became We started rebuilding the nursery, With many hours of work and dedication that gave life to the place, we have planted many native species and have reached more than 500 trees for distribution in schools and the reserve,” they reported.

At the same time, the project was submitted to The “Common House” Program of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the NationThis led to a visit by the National Director of Environmental Education, Guido Veneziale, the MADS CSO Line Joint House Program Coordinator, Maria Logan Rodriguez and Antonio Maccioli, the National Parks Representative, and after this activity they benefited “with a funding line to strengthen the work tools in the nursery”.

During this scenario, they were”Frequent requests to meet with the biopark managerThey accused him of systematically obstructing every initiative presented.

They noted that “we finally met on March 7, with the aim of coordinating joint actions regarding the operation of the nursery and educational procedures stipulated in Law 27621/21 Comprehensive Environmental Education,” and added: “Apart from meeting to work in a joint, The bio-park manager informed us that our stay at the property was “irregular and illegal”, Which we appealed expressing that our legitimacy within the property depended on his management being part of his role as space manager, and we did not get a clear and tangible answer.”

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With no response, they first went to Diego RubiniThe Secretary of Human Development and Quality of Life who was awarded the spaces on March 9 and He promised an answer “it didn’t come”. Later, on April 5 it was a turn Bruno Senizo, The Minister of Culture and Education who promised to respond the following week.

“But it took more than two months and arrived in WhatsApp message format where he quotes: ‘…The municipality has made a decision not to proceed with or authorize the program A tree for your school … “allegedly a similar program from Economic Development Secretariat”, confirmed the heroes of this story.

In this context, without space to carry out their activities, last Saturday they went to the nursery and found “sad scene” “The rodents have eaten almost all of our trees, which are everywhere, and we have noticed the devastation in the stands where we have had species of oak and brachitos for two years of care,” they identified and noted that for this reason they removed everything and it is “In search of a new place to grow.”

“We appeal to Dr. Ezequiel Galle Take action on the matter by providing an answer to the group, “conclude in the document containing evidence and even talk about the tour made by those who make up”A tree for your school” and “EcOlavarría”.

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