Two “deceived” in front of a multidisciplinary cultural space in Bilbao

An illuso – or delusional – is someone who is “very easily delusional without taking reality into account”. That’s how lto the Royal Academy (RAE) It identifies people who possess these traits. The Brothers Beatrice and Sergio AlbaranHowever, they see this word in another way. For them, it is closely related to creative impetus and artistic expression; With things that exist only on the illusory plane and with people who, guided by the need to realize them, bring them into the world. The same thing these brothers felt when promoting their vital project, A.J Library specializing in the artistic field: “La Ilusa”.

While Beatriz orders some folders, Sergio dedicates himself to answering calls. Outside of work, a family curiously notices some addresses that “La Ilusa” is displaying in their window.

A family watches the model in “La Elsa” Maider Goikoetxea

80% library, 20% art gallery

Among them, they pay particular attention to anthologies of poems signed by Gloria Fuertes. It is published by Blackie Books, an independent publisher. Like this, the vast majority of folders that make up it Editorial presentation of “La Ilusa” Is also Published by independent companies. And each of them, according to the Baran brothers, constitutes up to 80% of the contents offered for sale in La Eloa. Here, however, it is possible to find art in other formats.

Space for Culture in Capital Letters

We would like to define ourselves as a cultural space. That is, despite the fact that our base is books, meWe try to create a space for those people who express their creativity in different ways.”Sergio explains. Meanwhile, his gaze is drawn to the prints displayed on the immaculate white walls of the library. They contrast with the bright yellow painted iron columns that support the structure of the building. Near one of them, an overflowing donkey is standing Hand drawn sweatshirts and shirts by various local artists.

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Art serves as a seal of excellence

“What sets us apart is all this diversity, our business model,” highlights his sister, Beatrice. This young bookseller has always felt very challenged by the culture, the pivot around which “La Elsa” revolves. “We also have a narrative – points out – but Much of our content deals with cinema, fashion or photography“.

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